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Go Mobile

Go Mobile

Innovation is synonymous with My CFO and we have now launched our platform on mobile devices. We believe that smartphone technology is what the masses want and we deliver. My CFO’s Business Process Improvement (BPI) services focus on streamlining processes, improving access to information, and eliminating process waste which improves productivity, decision making, and the utilization of assets and resources. We have a whole team devoted to brainstorming ideas on how our platforms and services can advance and we love to share them with you. My CFO have embraced technology and with new, young and versatile online bookkeepers, we are the future of the accounting realm. A digital era, where bank statements, tax lodgments and all financial related affairs are completed through the internet in an online area is what we are facing at the moment.

What is MyCFO?

Small Business & Self Employed Online Accounting made easy with a few simple steps!

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