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Forensic Accounting Australia

My CFO is a professional business dedicated to offering specialised forensic accounting in Australia for all small businesses that understand the importance of having an optimal financial management plan and enjoy professional advisory from people that understand the importance of having a real expert that understand the way your business behaves in the market and how to make the right decisions based on the information revealed in financial reports. We have become the favourite option for companies needing experts in forensic accounting in Australia and we’re glad of being capable to offer business owners the solutions they need, with the expertise of our professionals.


We’re not new at offering professional forensic accounting in Australia as we have offered our services for more than 15 years and we have always put our clients’ needs before anything else, making sure they’re satisfied with the results and providing a strategy that is catered to their specific situation. When you choose My CFO, you’re selecting a business that has worked with all types of businesses and will deeply study your business’s weaknesses and strengths in order to foresee any possible future issues that may affect it.


All the members of our staff are highly trained and determined to work hard to in a collaborative approach to make sure your financial needs are met. If you’re interested in a futuristic financial management approach that makes the entire document handling process far easier and makes sure you’re capable of making proper decisions then you have to contact us today, here at My CFO we’re constantly updating our practices to make sure they’re up to our clients’ expectations but our rates always stay within their budget limitations. Contact us now, our team of experts will be ready to assist you.

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